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How Does It Work?

Begin by reaching out for a quote and initiating a conversation. Through a detailed investigation, we gain a deep understanding of your case. We then passionately champion your cause, fighting tirelessly for the best possible outcome. Our collaborative and personable approach ensures a supportive partnership throughout the process.


Reach out for a quote and start the conversation.


Let's dig deep into your story and understand the ins and outs of your case.


We're here to fight passionately for your case, ensuring the best possible outcome for you.



At North Texas Law, we believe that real change occurs when your story resonates far beyond the courtroom, leaving a lasting impact even after your case is resolved.

Kathy Churchill

Highly Recommend

I would highly recommend Nathan to anyone needing help from attorneys. Office manager Liz was fantastic to deal with as was Kendra as paralegal and of course Nathan whose compassion and experience were greatly appreciated by my Mom and myself.

Don Mellott

Nathan has handled a variety of personal and professional legal matters for me over the years. He keeps it simple and understandable. He’s easy to work with. The staff are courteous and helpful. Two thumbs up!


Highly Recommend Them

Nathan Sukhia and his staff...are professional, competent, knowledgeable, and very accessible. Their responses are prompt and fees reasonable. I would highly recommend them.

Current client

Certainly Recommended

Nathan and his staff were a pleasure to work with. I was always kept in the loop regarding my case and Nathan answered all my questions effectively. I felt that he took care of me throughout my case and I would certainly recommend him.

Malissa Wiggins & Family

Beyond Grateful

"Nathan...I can’t even begin to explain how much your help meant to me. I truly appreciate the time you spent on my case and the care you gave me. I wish you all the very best."

A Real Estate Client

Well Done! Will Hire Again

Nathan was very knowledgeable, and engaging. He put together a very effective strategy, that ended in a better than anticipated result. Well done!

Former Client

Nathan Was Great

Nathan was great, did a good job explaining what was going on and generally keeping appraised of the status of the case along the way. Ultimately was handled well.

Rebecca Morrow

We had a great experience working with Nathan and his staff on our property deed. Very professional and personable! We will definitely work with them again.

Krista Reese

I had a wonderful experience working with Nathan Sukhia. I'd tried to reach several attorneys, leaving messages but getting no response. When I called Nathan, I was prepared to leave another message, but HE actually answered the phone. He listened to me describe the reason for my call and took immediate action to help resolve the problem. Nathan kept me updated on the progress of my case and successfully resolved it in my favor.

Tim Hersey

A very conversational approach to getting the details worked out. We appreciated the time spend and the depth of the conversation had.

Previous Client

Heartily Recommend

Our family suffered the loss of a loved one in a tragedy, and we contacted Nathan Sukhia...for help. After an initial review of the facts, one of the first things he did was recommend we team up with another firm with extensive experience and success with this sort of case. During the entire process, we were very pleased with the level of expertise, professionalism, sensitivity, and communications. We recently settled the case, and we are very pleased with the outcome...We are confident Nathan and his team were able to win the best possible settlement.

Teresa Duncan

"The office manager was amazing. She was always there and very helpful. They were quick and very responsive about helping me with my claim."

Current Client

Professionalism and Expertise

"Nathan and Anna handled a very complex, in-depth mortgage issue involving a quiet title action for me. This issue had plagued me for many years. Once retained, they hit the ground running, sifting through the many legal issues involving this matter with professionalism and expertise and they quickly settled my case to my complete satisfaction. I highly recommend them."

Ronald Winslow

"Top of the line legal services. I highly recommend them for any legal services you need. 5 star PLUS."


Professional, Kind, Courteous and Friendly

"Mr. Sukhia handled my case promptly, efficiently and within the estimated cost he quoted me at the onset. Although his office experienced some personnel transition while my case was being handled, I did not feel or notice any laxity in service or professionalism. I highly recommend Mr. Sukhia’s office for your real estate or estate planning legal issues."



Nathan was exceptional at handling my rare personal injury claim from my auto accident. Nathan and his staff were responsive to my needs and knowledgeable. They obtained the maximum settlement for me where I was expecting very little if I had dealt with the at fault drivers insurance company on my own.”

Current Client

Nathan was our attorney for four years during the time that our neighbor initiated several disputes and lawsuits against us and the previous owner of their home. Though Nathan was a little expensive comparatively he was well worth it as we won every court hearing and he helped us receive tens of thousands in settlements. He successfully out litigated the five different attorneys our neighbor had hired during that time.

Out of frustration our neighbor hired a very large and expensive law firm in the end, one with a reputation of running up opposing attorney fees to discourage opposition. But, even though they were paired with a lawyer from another law firm, they were unable to defeat Nathan in court. Nathan also helped us finalize a favorable mediation agreement that included arbitration clauses to help us avoid further attorney fees if future disputes arose. The mediation agreement had rock solid and undisputable components that our neighbor has already unsuccessfully challenged on several occasions.

I know that I was not an easy client, showing frustration in our neighbor launching seemingly endless legal disputes that seemed unfair, and having vast financial resources compared to us. Nathan was patient with us, and always methodical in his approach to each dispute levied against us. His knowledge and experience were well worth his attorney fees.

George Phillips

At the end of 2017, I was rear ended on Interstate 5 by a semi-truck and trailer, while on my way home from work. My insurance company took great care of the initial expenses of the ordeal, but, when it came to dealing with the trucking firms adjusters it was another story. They denied my claims for losses caused me by the accident and offered a ridiculously low pain and suffering adjustment as I had suffered head, neck, and shoulder issues associated with whiplash and treatment thereof. At this point I called Nathan Sukhia.

Nathan was real easy to talk to and explained clearly what was going to happen, and my responsibilities as a client. His staff was very nice, friendly, and dog friendly too. It took about a year to track down and pin down the truck drivers representative, but Nathan was persistent and finally we were able to settle for an amazing amount way in excess of the original offer they made to just me. Nathan and his staff did a great job, and I would easily, and have recommended him to my family and friends. You can also rest assured that any legal needs I have in the future will be referred to Nathan first.


Excellent Outcome on a Challenging Real Estate Dispute

Nathan represented me after I was sued over an easement dispute. It was not a typical easement issue between neighbors but a fairly complex one about an empty lot that had multiple easements on it and involved multiple parties. There are had also been a prior lawsuit over the same piece of property, so there was a lot complexity to my case. Over the nearly two year ordeal, I knew that I could always trust Nathan to bring me all the facts, have my best interest in heart, provide options and a make a good recommendation on how we should proceed.

I appreciated Nathan’s collaborative approach, thorough communication, and ability to explain legalese in layman’s terms. We won our case by dismissal at Summary Judgement, without having to go trial, and were even reimbursed some attorney fees by the judge. Nathan is a great attorney and I have benefited tremendously by his knowledge and expertise.

Current Client

Excellent Quality

Great service! We’ve had Mr. Sukhia handle our legal issues for the past few years. We recently had a time-sensitive business matter for which we needed legal counsel and Mr. Sukhia handled the matter promptly.

He reviewed our information and drew up the addendum we wanted by the end of the day. While he gave us quality work, he was also conscious of not lingering over it, and was able to delegate some of the foot work to his paralegal, which helped greatly in keeping our costs down.

He is quick to comprehend the nature of a situation, consistently gives excellent quality in work, and manages his time extremely well. We will definitely be contacting him in the future with any other legal questions.


Excellent Attorney

I have dealt with many attorneys in my lifetime (most from large firms) but Nathan Sukhia is one of the best. Unlike large firms who assign most of their cases to their inexperienced associates right out of law school, Nathan was the only attorney working on our case and we knew we could rely on him. He kept us informed and was responsive to our needs. He saved us from a lengthy and costly litigation. He was upfront about costs and fees associated with our case. He is an excellent attorney and we highly recommend him.


Nathan Sukhia! A Fighter Who Keeps Costs Down! Thank you!

I highly recommend Nathan Sukhia...for any real estate related need including HOA disputes, builder and construction disputes, land disputes, and foreclosures. Ours was a massive case. The companies we were suing had deep pockets and we didn’t. But we had Nathan on our side. Nathan proved to be honest, capable, creative, stubborn, and generous with his time and expertise. Most importantly, he proved to be a fighter. That’s what you need in someone who can fight effectively, yet keeps costs down.


Encroachment on our Land

Nathan helped us with encroachments on our property by two well known cell phone providers. Throughout the process of getting both companies to rectify the issue Nathan performed knowledgeably and professionally, showing patience when required but also a willingness to hold their feet to the fire when they dragged them, which they showed a tendency to do at times. I particularly appreciated that he was very responsive to my questions and my ideas.

I never felt he thought he was smarter than me. I also appreciated that no part of my case was handed off to a less experienced associate. Nathan is competent and knowledgeable and his fees are quite reasonable. We would both recommend him and hire him again should the need arise.


Excellent Experience with Nathan Sukhia – Highly Recommend!

Nathan provided me with legal services related to a property Purchase and Sale dispute where I was a defendant. His expertise was essential in resolving and ultimately prevailing in the claim.

In the first phase of the action, Nathan was successful in our side being awarded summary judgement dismissal of the case and attorney’s fees (that is not easy to do!). In phase 2, the other side elected to try again in appellate court. It was the right decision to have Nathan as my attorney throughout this process. There are additional challenges and complexities in the higher courts, but Nathan once again prevailed in our favor, securing summary judgment dismissal and attorney’s fees.

Throughout the process, he maintained open lines of communication, was very clear and fair with his billing and provided excellent consultation with regard to different options that could be pursued along the way. I highly recommend his services.

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